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Almond flour beet tortillas



We don’t usually buy already made tortillas since they’re always made from wheat or corn (which we’re both intolerant to) but always ending up craving tacos or, at least, a soft shell where we can wrap sautéed veggies and some proteins to make a much filling meal. Solution to something we can’t/don’t buy at the store because of ingredients, to us, is always trying to recreate it at home. So we got a huge package of almond flour and try to experiment by ourself some flexible, soft and heart grain free tortillas. Then, since we love good looking food and we basically hide veggies and vitamins in everything, we decided to make them with some beet juice made with our Panasonic Slow Juicer. This way, we came out with a seriously amazing (and we have to say it, literally life changing) tortilla recipe that even our not-so-beet-loving dad/husband went crazy for. Since the recipe yields for 8 small-sized tortillas and you maybe don’t want to eat them all at once, you can store them in the fridge already shaped into tortilla but uncooked in a large glass container, by putting between each of them with a piece of parchment paper.




Clean and peel the beets. Juice them in the slow juicer.


In a big bowl, mix together almond flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk powder and salt.


Add 120g beet juice and avocado oil to dry ingredients and mix until you’ll get a dough.


Divide the dough into 8 small balls and roll them between two pieces of parchment paper into thin tortillas.


Carefully remove each tortilla from parchment paper and cook them on a heated pan about 1 minute per side. Repeat until all tortillas will be cooked.


In the mean time, make the filling: slice hemp tofu into cubes, chop shiitakes and divide brussels in half.


Heat avocado oil in a pan with garlic. Add hemp tofu, shiitake and brussels with dried thyme and a good pinch of salt and sautée for 8 minutes, adding a little water if necessary.


Whisk together tahini, lemon juice, salt and water until you get a sauce.


Fill each tortilla with arugula, sautéed mushrooms and tofu, sliced avocado, tahini sauce and fresh cilantro.


Almond flour beet tortillas

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Adjust Servings:
100g almond flour
25g coconut flour
15g psyllium husk powder
2 large beets
1 tbsp avocado or Olive Oil
3/4 tsp pink himalayan salt
200g hemp tofu
150g shiitake mushrooms
150g brussels sprouts
40g arugula
1 ripe avocado
2 tbsp avocado oil
2 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp water
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp dried thyme
pink himalayan salt
fresh cilantro

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Naturalmente Buono

Naturalmente Buono

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